Job Summary:
The Health and Nutrition Manager will oversee all Nutrition and health interventions in Northeast Nigeria and provide leadership and supervision in developing, implementing, and monitoring GHIV Africa's health programs. The role will be responsible for designing, planning, implementing, and evaluating all health interventions, with a focus on, emergency response, and nutrition response. Additionally, the Health Coordinator will be responsible for developing project proposals, preparing and monitoring budgets, performance monitoring for staff, and donor advocacy.

Participate in the development of health and nutrition sector budgets and follow up on their effective implementation.
Supervise and coordinate the implementation and monitoring of health and nutrition project activities.
Conduct health and nutritional surveillance in the program sites, including host community and internally displaced persons (IDPs) based on agreed methodologies including surveys, process
Monitoring, SMART, and assuring the project documentation is in line with the M&E indicator tracking table to ensure project success
Work with the field-based health and nutrition staff and community health Volunteers to establish, implement and monitor community-based management of acute malnutrition activities, coupled
Ensure patient follow-up, referrals, and education for their better management of the project at a community level.
Develop health and nutrition sector work plans for all the GHIV Africa health and nutrition grants.
Coordinate with other GHIV Africa departments and implementing partners to develop training curricula and implementation plans for Community Health Volunteers (CHVs).
Assist in the response and management of any health and nutrition emergency and participate in the development of disaster preparedness systems.
Promote mother-infant and young child feeding best practices in various health facilities.
Oversee implementation and integration of comprehensive growth monitoring program/Mass MUAC screenings, and daily screening for Malnutrition at the community level and report accordingly.
Participate actively in planned program Rapid Health and Nutrition assessment/surveys.
Monitoring and supervising both GHIV Africa and Government supporting the project to ensure work is performed efficiently.
Routinely monitor staff performance according to their job description and provide written feedback in a timely manner.
Oversee continuous training programs for the health and nutrition staff.
Review personnel issues and concerns of health and nutrition staff and assist with determining and implementing solutions.
Participate in the recruitment of health and staff as appropriate.
Participate in the development of proposals, budgets, and concept notes in coordination.
Supervise the use of materials, equipment, and supplies for the intervention.
Identify opportunities for program development

Technical expertise, Skills, Knowledge, and competencies:

University education in Health, Public Health.
Minimum of 5 years relevant work experience in implementing health and Nutrition projects in emergencies.
Can work efficiently with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access programs
Most know to analyze project progress
Most know about data assessment planning, data collection, and analysis
Most efficient in the use of data analytics tools and information management tools.
Have worked before directly with malnourished children, PLW, Caregivers, and vulnerable populations in the deep field
Good knowledge of the `health and nutrition Sectors, and understanding of the nutrition, health, and food security situation of northeast Nigeria.
Good knowledge of AAP, PSEA Policies, and the concept of Do No Harm, and good at working with vulnerable populations, especially in emergency settings, and good knowledge of emergency preparedness, and relief management.
Experience working in emergencies context.
Must be a team player
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