Kateryna Budanova

Work experience
  • In my role as a QA Lead and QA Engineer, I streamlined Jira processes to align with SDLCs. My expertise in REST API testing, RabbitMQ, Kibana, and compliance has refined critical financial systems and enhanced mobile app integration, positioning me to bring strategic improvements and efficiency to your tech initiatives.
  • QA Lead activities:
  • Key Team Development Initiative: Streamlined Jira processes tailored to project SDLCs, achieving clarity for stakeholders and ensuring all 52 releases in 2023 were delivered punctually and stably.
  • Team Building and Development Leader: Efficiently structured QA teams into squads, forming four groups with complete test coverage. Facilitated growth of three QA Manual testers to Automation roles and one to QA Analyst, optimizing team skills and project outcomes.
  • Testing Strategy Innovation: Crafted and executed a test strategy centered around automating Test Cases and Use Cases in Postman collections. This approach streamlined the test cycle, achieving a 30% reduction in duration.
  • QA Engineer activities:
  • Innovative Testing Methodologies: Developed comprehensive testing techniques that markedly enhanced software functionality, leading to a more robust and reliable system.
  • Advanced REST API Testing Leadership: Guided sophisticated REST API testing in Postman using JavaScript scripts, enabling the team including developers and analysts, to attain notable synergistic outcomes.
  • End-to-End Test Development in Cypress: Authored end-to-end tests using Cypress, bolstering confidence in release stability through prompt identification of issues.
  • RabbitMQ and Kibana Testing: Guided RabbitMQ testing for improved microservices messaging and monitored communications via Kibana, ensuring enhanced system stability.
  • Compliance Collaboration: Partnered with legal and compliance teams for KYC and AML testing, refining digital registration processes and verifying identity/company structures to meet global standards.
  • AML Procedure Enhancement: Developed and implemented AML processes for verifying international payments (SORT, SEPA, SWIFT), ensuring transaction accuracy and compliance.
  • Operational Efficiency in Financial Systems: Streamlined card processing, banking systems, and accounting procedures to enhance user experiences.
  • Mobile App Testing and Integration Manager: Engaged in mobile app testing, overseeing API integrations and ensuring smooth functionality on both iOS and Android platforms.

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